Published Thu, 2010-11-25 17:42; updated 4 years ago.

The wife of a man who died of bowel cancer at Stafford Hospital in 2007 said it was because he got 'lost in the system'.

Giving evidence at the Mid Staffordshire Public Inquiry into standards of monitoring by regulatory bodies Christine Dalziel described how the hospital didn't give her husband Thomas a follow up appointment to check for signs of cancer.

Mrs Dalziel said polyps (a possible early indicator of cancer) were discovered and removed from her husband between 1999 and 2002.

She said a doctor told her husband to return for a further check up in three years time, but that when her husband tried to go back to the hospital in 2005 he was told he did not need to return until 2007.

Giving evidence at the inquiry Mrs Dalziel said: "I kept phoning the hospital saying that I thought he'd gone past his appointment, and they kept saying, no, he wasn't due, he wasn't due.
"Eventually two weeks afterwards the nurse actually turned round to him and said "Oh, you got lost in the system"."
Mr Dalziel was admitted to Stafford hospital with cancer of the large bowel in June 2007 and remained there until he died there in August 2007.
Mrs Dalziel also told the inquiry that her husband was not given effective pain relief during his stay in hospital and she raised other concerns including a lack of basic equipment and a lack of water and food for her husband.
The inquiry continues.