Published Mon, 2012-02-13 13:17; updated 3 years ago.

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Following a group discussion in Part 1, the year 8 class in a Birmingham secondary school had an opportunity to put questions about dementia to Jenifer La Fontaine from the association for dementia studies at the University of Worcester.

The class then went on to watch a film called “living with dementia” which depicts how a family deal with the disease.

It was followed by a short question session with Monica Taylor the support services manager for the Alzheimer’s Society about how the class felt dementia had affected the family.

Following this, the class took part in a practical exercise whereby they had to remember as many features as they could about a one penny coin, in order to demonstrate how we take our memory for granted every day and the feelings of frustration a dementia patient would go through if they undertook this exercise.

The different types of services, support groups, charities and carers that are available after diagnosis were discussed with the class.

This included looking at the types of assistive technology including motion activated voice prompts which inform the user of things they may have forgotten, technology that reminded patients when to take their pills and which ones to take and special plugs which opened if a tap had been left running.

Due for review February 2013