Published Mon, 2012-02-13 13:27; updated 4 years ago.

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This video depicting the effects of dementia not only on the patient, but also on their family around them has been made in order to raise awareness about the disease.

The video follows dementia patient Jim Richards highlights the affects the disease has on his wife and his two granddaughters who they have brought up since they were toddlers.

Dementia has affected Mr Richards in many different ways: As well as memory loss; he and his family are dealing with other symptoms such as difficulty in making conversation, not knowing what time it is and difficulty in paying attention.

Mr Richards’ wife Carol Richards said: “I thought Alzheimer’s was just they lose their memory and off they go, but it’s not with Jim at all, it’s so different”.

The film will help raise awareness by being shown in schools as part of an understanding dementia initiative, to help raise awareness about the condition.

One of Mr Richards’ granddaughters Laura Richards said: “I think it’s important that young people to actually know about dementia because if someone you know or someone in your family has dementia they will have to understand it, and know what to do in certain situations.”

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