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Fancy someone but don’t know how to ask them out? Worried about the prospect of having sex? Unsure why a man would be so concerned about his banjo string?

Respect Yourself is a website that provides more than just the standard guidance on sexual health. NHS Warwickshire, Warwickshire County Council and Coventry University used feedback from young people to create this website - and it shows.

It is a comprehensive site offering information about sex and associated topics in ways that young people have said are lacking from the sex education they receive in school, whatever their sexual orientation.

There is a Sextionary on the site, which includes definitions of the words young people use about sex and an invitation for them to suggest their own if they are not already there.

Respect Yourself aims to be a place to safely explore emerging sexuality without judgement and where questions are answered openly and honestly.

It offers relationship advice on common situations like asking people out and breaking up. There is guidance on things to consider before having sex as well as information on the laws concerning sex and pornography.

Young people from Coventry and Warwickshire can search by postcode or town for sexual health services near them and see the results on a map. Information on each of the services, as well as photos and videos let young people know what to expect, and rating and comments from previous users are available to help guide choices and to reassure.

Respect Yourself is monitored and supported by professionals who can provide answers, and who will encourage young people to take responsibility for their sexual relationships and physical and mental wellbeing .

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Information supplied October 2012